Bobby started playing at the age of ten and by fourteen was playing professionally with many rock groups in the state of Florida, but primarily “Noah’s Ark”, out of Tampa. After signing with Decca Records and releasing two singles, the band played constantly throughout the Eastern U.S. After paying his dues, fate stepped in.

At the age of 19, he was asked to join Johnny Winter’s new super group “Johnny Winter And”. This group featured Rick Derringer and Randy Hobbs, formerly with the McCoy’s of “Hang On Sloopy” fame. The album “Johnny Winter And Live” was recorded in New York and Miami and became a top ten best seller and Johnny’s highest charting album. Bobby also played on Johnny Winter’s “Saints and Sinners” album, recording with Edgar Winter, Rick Derringer and the late Dan Hartman. Rick Derringer asked Bobby to play on his first solo LP “All American Boy”, which was recorded entirely at Caribou Ranch in Colorado. This partnership produced the classic top ten hit, “Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo.”

While touring with the Allman Brothers Band as a third drummer and percussionist, BC had the pleasure of playing with them at the Filmore East when they recorded their historic album, The Allman Brothers, “Live at the Filmore East”.

In the early to mid seventies, Captain Beyond arose from the ashes of Iron Butterfly, Johnny Winter And, and Deep Purple. Introduced to Phil Walden by the late Duane Allman, the band signed with Capricorn Records. Captain Beyond’s first album remains a progressive rock cult classic to this day. The band enjoys heavy airplay on satellite radio and a large following in Europe and the far East. Bobby’s contributions to the music, lyrics and song arrangements are evident throughout

Following Captain Beyond, he was enlisted to join the supergroup Armageddon. Founded by the late Keith Relf from "The Yardbirds," Armageddon comprised of England’s renowned super guitarist, Martin Pugh, Bobby Caldwell and Louis Cennamo. The group produced one album for A&M Records. Once again, Bobby was a major contributor to the song writing and direction of the band.

In the early 1980s, MCA Records offered Bobby a solo recording deal as a singer/songwriter. The album was unfortunately never completed. Through the 80's and 90's Bobby continued to sing, write new material and play drums while fronting his own band before moving back to Florida from Los Angeles for family obligations. Recently, Bobby has been playing with the reformed Captain Beyond, {though now on hiatus}, as well as many other projects. He is a dedicated professional, always looking for new and exciting musical ventures.

Highly spiritual, Bobby also holds a Masters Degree in Metaphysics and is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister. He neither smokes, nor drinks, nor uses drugs and lives an extremely clean lifestyle. He is truly a sincere, humble and caring artist. His love and motivation to create new music is, as it has always been, steadfast and unwavering.

And so it is. Namaste

YouTube biography narrated by Rick Trainer

Bobby Caldwell Jamming With The Allman Brothers In 1971

Bobby, as his fans know, was an unofficial 7th member of The Allman Brothers Band.

Here's a photo of Bobby with the Allman Brother's at "The Whiskey" in L.A. in October 1971, just a couple weeks before Duane's untimely death.

Bobby reflects:

This was a great night, but barely enough room on stage for the gear, much less the band!
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