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Check out these fantastic interviews of Bobby! Michael Welch of Florida 60s Bands and The Garage Set. Michael had graciously asked Bobby to be his first guest. In this interview Bobby talks about his early musical beginnings-listening experiences-Middle School Band and early Joe Morello influence. Bobby also talks about his playing in various Winter Park-Orlando and Tampa bands leading up through Noahs Ark. Listen to his first and second interviews below.

Interview With Michael Welch #1
Interview With Michael Welch #2

Bobby Plays With Boulder County on 8/23/2019

Bobby and the rest of the boys in Boulder County played at the Waterfest in Oshkosh, WI on 8/23. Comprising members of Firefall, Captain Beyond, and more. Be sure to check them out next time they play, and attend the show if you can!

Bobby featured in DRUMHEAD Magazine

Issue #23 of DRUMHEAD features a spectacular interview in which Bobby shares how it all started for him.

Bobby takes us back to to when, where, and how it all started for him and shares some riveting stories along the way. From his earliest inspiration to the path of his career, don't miss this fascinating recollection by someone who has been there.

You can pick up your copy in stores or directly from DRUMHEAD.

Bobby's Discography Expanded!

Everyone who has followed Bobby's career know that his tenure in Johnny Winter And is a definitive highlight.

The incendiary combination of Johnny, Rick Derringer, Randy Jo Hobbs, and Bobby is like few quartets in Rock.

Fans will now be pleased to hear that a never before released concert from October of 1970 at the legendary Fillmore auditorium is now available.

Bobby's, and the bands performance, is exciting and dynamic here, the bonus is additional songs that were not included on the Columbia Records release of "Live Johnny Winter And" are included here.

It is incredible to hear Bobby driving the band on the classic "Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo" , as many people know the classic studio version from Rick Derringer's "All American Boy", but until now, no live version with Bobby on drums was documented.


"The other live album from Johnny Winter And, 1971 s Live Johnny Winter And , has always ranked as one of the high points of Johnny s discography, but we d stack this 66-minute set up against that record (which was in part composed of other Fillmore East performances) any day of the week"

Listen Here:

Raging River of Fear by Captain Beyond featured on Nike Skate

Captain Beyond's monster song Raging River of Fear was picked up by Nike's skateboarding site. The song was featured in a video vignette as part of Nike's US skate tour, DFTS.

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Does That Drumhead Say What I Think It Says?

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. That is Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins tribute to Bobby's legendary band Captain Beyond. Taylor is just one of many drummers, musicians, friends, and fans that are still talking about Bobby's performances over the years.

Bobby Interviewed For Johnny Winter Biography

Author Mary Lou Sullivan has recently completed hours of extensive interviews with Bobby for the book "Raisin Cain": The Wild and Raucous Story of Johnny Winter. Author Sullivan had this to say about he interviews with Bobby:

Bobby Caldwell

"I conducted several lengthy interviews with drummer Bobby Caldwell from his home in Florida. The dynamic drummer that powered Johnny Winter And, Bobby was only 19 years old when he joined Johnny's band. Extremely forthcoming and candid, Bobby regaled me with tales of that band including the wild gigs that led to the recording of Johnny Winter And Live, Johnny's only gold album.

He shared his memories of playing the Royal Albert Hall on Johnny's 27th birthday, the gig at the Boston Tea Party where they learned of Hendrix's death, and later huddled in a hotel room to write "21st Century Man" in honor of their fallen friend. Bobby explained the dynamics between Johnny and then manager Steve Paul, tour manager Teddy Slatus, as well as Rick Derringer and bassist Randy Hobbs. He talked about the afternoon a drunken Janis Joplin showed up at Johnny's hotel room, the casual and naïve way band members regarded Johnny's heroin use during that time frame, and the abrupt manner in which Johnny Winter And was dissolved."
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Bobby plays on J..D. Blackfoot's latest album, The Legend of Texas Red

Looking for a taste of what Bobby's been up to? You can listen to him on J.D. Blackfoot's latest release, The Legend of Texas Red. J.D.'s take on what can only loosely be called "folk" rock is truly unique and stands out amongst his peers. J.D. asked Bobby to bring his percussive panache to the concept album, and the results are something else.

Official website and to purchase

We recently surveyed the world wide web to see what people were saying about Bobby Caldwell and the bands he has been involved in.

"When I originally started on drums, when I was about ten, I was into Dave Grohl.. Now my favorite drummers are Bobby Caldwell from Captain Beyond and a lot of those drummers from the early 70’s..." - Parker G / Radio Moscow Band

"I am 20 years old listening to this amazing music. How I wish I had been born earlier..." - Ulisse P / Bobby Caldwell Facebook Page

"The album (Captain Beyond) still has its effect... Bobby Caldwell's highly aggressive but astoundingly tasteful drumming will stupefy you.." - Murray / review of Captain Beyond

"I was also listening to Captain Beyond with Bobby Caldwell on drums...I first got into that band when I was ten years old. A lot of drummers really overlook Bobby Caldwell for what a great drummer he is.." - Jimmy Chamberlin / Drummer with Smashing Pumpkins

Both "Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo" and "The Airport Giveth (The Airport Taketh Away)" are the album's high points...driven by Bobby Caldwell's galvanic drumming and Derringer's own blazing guitar. - Lenny Kaye / Rolling Stone review of "All American Boy" by Rick Derringer

Anyways, had to put "And Live" on the turntable again. Wow. Talk about capturing a truly electric moment. Bobby Caldwell's performance just inspires Rick, Randy and Johnny. What a driving drummer.. - Arnie / Rick Derringer Message Board

"Hey Bobby!

I just wanted to check in and see if you had any current projects you were working on. Your writing and performance are both glaringly missing from the current musical desert. " - RonDMC / Bobby Caldwell Official Site

Bobby: You were such an inspiration to me and my playing the drums still to this day. Your Inspiration has led me to play for a lifetime. - Joe A / Fan Shout Out Forums

Since I was 13. In 1970. That's how long Bobby Caldwell has been blowing my mind. Thanks for posting this. I didn't know he played with the Allmans. How cool. - crapulence88 / Youtube Biography Comments

To ALL of you, Bobby sends his thanks
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